Syllabus, March 25-29

Monday, March 25

*Islamic Culture

*Homework: Using the text in Chapter 10, Section 3 “Art and Sciences Flourish,” summarize the three main accomplishments of ancient Islamic art and science. Your answer should be typed in paragraph form and shared with me on a Google doc.

Tuesday, March 26

*The Byzantine Empire

*Homework: Read, outline, Chapter 11, Section 1 from “The Empire Falls” to the end of the section.

Wednesday/Thursday, March 27/28

*Open Notes Reading Quiz

*Finish the Byzantine Empire

*Homework: View the VoiceThread and answer the questions. Please note: This homework assignment is due on Tuesday, April 2.

Friday, March 29

*The Birth of Russia

*Homework: Continue working on your VoiceThread assignment.





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